Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Work with Emacs, Plus HAML and Sass

Today I began to get more comfortable using Emacs, and while it still feels foreign, it no longer feels completely foreign. I also appreciate that a lot of Emacs shortcuts are used in many other programs, so something like C-E is applicable outside of Emacs.

We do a lot of pair programming at Expected Behavior, and my buddy today was Joel. We did some design work, which introduced me to haml and sass. These are both things I've been wanting to look into for a while, and I think today was pretty productive.

Honestly, haml and sass aren't that difficult for me to grasp. haml's way pickier about how things are indented than most other languages I've used, but it's easy enough to pick up. Sass is very similar, and messing around with any kind of design always makes me want to do more design.

It feels a bit overwhelming to be learning so many new things at once (Emacs, mostly, but also haml, sass and using Git for source control) but it's also really gratifying and a ton of fun. It's not about being the best programmer in the world. It's about being the best programmer you can be, and getting better every day.

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