Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MySQL is dead to me

All right, I'm done with MySQL for now. I've fallen into a trap with trying to get MySQL to work. I've been so focused on following the instructions in Beginning Ruby that I let my difficulty in installing MySQL completely derail my progress, rather than moving around it and looking for another solution. But no more!

I took my friend Eli's advice and switched to using sqlite. I'm also giving Beginning Ruby a break and checking out the guides on instead.

The first exercise is also building a blog, but the tutorial is designed around sqlite, so it'll be easier for me to understand than the one in Beginning Ruby, which references MySQl heavily. I'm not feeling comfortable enough to set up a database without explicit instructions yet. One day!

In the meantime, full speed ahead. I need to quit being so myopic and remember that it's about learning Ruby and getting more comfortable with it, not following a specific set of instructions.

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