Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Codecademy, reading, every day I'm shuffling

So a while back I signed up for Codecademy. I really enjoy doing tutorials, and it promises to teach you how to code in a year. I already know how to do some basic coding, and I thought this would be great as a refresher and perhaps to shore up some of my spotty understanding of how programming works. I'm talking about filling in those BLANK SPOTS, man!

This week I've been going through the first lesson in my spare time (mostly due to a continuous stream of harassing emails from Codecademy) and it's mostly Javascript so far.

So far it's enjoyable. My only real issue is that it's mostly Javascript, when my real love is Ruby, but I don't think understanding Javascript better is a bad idea. And I'll be working on a lot of basic programming ideas, such as arrays, loops, variables, etc, etc, and that kind of practical work has always been the best way to learn for me.

Also here's my profile. Check out those cheevos dude!

In other news, I spent much of last week working with haml and sass. I've got more user experience and web design books to read. Joel lent me Bulletproof Web Design and Designing the Obvious, and I'm excited to dig into both of them. Read all of the things? SURE WHY NOT

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