Sunday, January 22, 2012

CODETOBER, other code-related things I've been up to

As you may (or may not!) be aware, I've been doing some consulting work with the Expected Behavior guys the last couple of months, mostly working on SEO for DocRaptor, but also doing some other marketing work.

This applies to coding because they want a way to more accurately track where their users are coming from, so this week I'm going to look into coding something that will pull various bits of information into a more readable format. Sound cool, right?

I've also got an interview at iGoDigital on Tuesday, for a junior developer position. I interviewed there back in September, but it wasn't a good fit at the time. Now? Maybe a better fit! It's kind of funny. When I first got into Ruby, I wanted to make more money and programming seemed like a good way to do that. Now I'm less concerned about making more money, and I largely want to become a better programmer. Working full-time would definitely help me improve my skills, especially in a team environment. So I'm pretty excited about this opportunity.

I'm still gathering ideas for CODETOBER, since I really need to a) code more and b) blog about coding more. So far my list is pretty sparse, and I'm still open to suggestions if you've got them. What kind of things should I be looking into? What would be worthwhile, or valuable, or fun, or frustrating, or otherwise teach me a life lesson? I'd like to see more developers doing crazy things in February.

Now I think I'll sit down and work on a stupid project. I'm kind of losing interest in Dungeon Crawler (SURPRISE!)


  1. Have you ever used memcached? You should learn how to hook that up to a Rails app. Then, Redis as a memcached replacement of sorts? Maybe some MongoDB action? I can't remember what you've already got queued.

    1. Nope, haven't looked into any of these things. I should throw up a schedule of what I've got so far. Probably make it easier for others to give me recommendations!