Sunday, November 27, 2011

More work on Skyrim Stories

Today I finished up Skyrim Stories. If you'll recall, last time I posted about this project, I was looking for a way to strip out #skyrimstories from the posted tweets as well as a way to make the usernames into links to that poster's Twitter account.

My friend Matt sent me to W3 Schools to learn how to use string replace with Javascript. Took me a minute to figure out how this worked until I realized I needed to call a string replace method on the strings BEFORE they were collected into an array.

I was able to use Twitter Anywhere to make usernames into links. Plus it's got a slick hover card feature with a +Follow button. This API is easy to understand and did exactly what I wanted done plus a few extra things.

For the most part I think I'm done with this project now. I might tweak it a bit here and there, but I think it's pretty solid for what it does. And it's time for me to get back into some Ruby work, anyway.

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