Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Initializing Classes in Ruby

I definitely tend to jump around a bit when it comes to learning to code. I was working on Manticore quite a bit, then jumped into Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and now I've hit a bit of a snag so I checked out Code School and the introductory Ruby lesson. (This lesson is based on Why's old lesson, by the way, and is awesome so far) I'm a big fan of Code School so far, because hands-on, practical tutorials have always been one of the best ways for me to learn.

Much like Learn Ruby the Hard Way, it's a lot of review, but I've been interested in seeing what Code School has to offer for a while. Not to mention, switching gears slightly seemed like a better use of my time than sitting around frustrated because I wasn't understanding defining Classes and initializing them properly. I also think the more time I can spend having fun with Ruby, the better. I end up coding longer and enjoying it more, which leads to me learning more and it all kind of snowballs from there until I can build a sort of half-ass snowman with string literals for arms and instance variables for eyes.

Still, Ruby isn't all string methods and arrays, so I'll get back to my problem with Learn Ruby the Hard Way pretty soon. Probably tomorrow!

Here's the basic problem: I have one Class, Game, and the extra credit for this particular exercise is to break the Game into two Classes: Engine and Map.

Here's a link to a gist of what I've got:

Gothons Attack!!

What I'm assuming I need to do is break the rooms a player goes through (methods such as :central_corridor, :bridge_access, etc) into the Map method, and put the code that drives the game into the Engine method. So now I need to learn what initializing a class does, how to do it, how to call a method in one class from another class, and how to make two classes work in concert. For example, Engine will be starting the game (I assume) and moving the player through the rooms that are defined in Map (I also assume) Any input on this problem is, as always, HIGHLY appreciated!

I used to think of learning Ruby as unearthing this huge artifact, but now I think of it as being inside of a mostly darkened room, where I'm stumbling around and looking for switches. Once in a while, I flip a switch and it might illuminate a far off corner, or a whole corridor, or just a tiny little piece of the room. Does that make sense? Or in other words, learning how to do new things is really frustrating right up until it's not, and then it's awesome.

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