Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More has_one model work in Rails

When it comes to coding, it seems like I've got good days, bad days, and frustrating days. Sometimes the Venn diagrams of these days overlap quite a bit. Take today for example.

I've been coding now for a little over 2 hours and I've finally gotten a problem straightened out. If you'll recall, I was attempting to build a Background for a Character, have it show up in my menu partial, and editable from there. I had a method that would build models with a has_many relationship to Character, but Background will have a has_one relationship and it was proving a bit trickier. I've more or less got it straightened out now (at least it's working on my local machine) so I've thrown it up on Heroku.

Manticore on Heroku

I've also done some more work, simplifying the data that's actually displayed in the view, while still allowing users to manipulate that data with an edit action. My reasoning is a user may always want to know what his total Armor Class is, but how often do you need to know what your Deflection modifier is? Not often, that's how! So basically, if you're rarely going to need it, why display it all the time? I think eventually I'd like to have an arrow users can click on that might expand that information, while displaying the bare minimum by default. I'm not sure what I'd use for this, but it sounds like a problem for Javascript.

Also, don't mind those saving throws! They refuse to work. What a lazy model! This merits a bit of examination. And I actually just realized it's not working when creating a new character on Heroku. Thanks, Heroku!

Still, it feels good to have this problem figured out. I've been wrestling with it for a while, and now I can move on to wrestle with other, more interesting problems! Like this mysterious SAVING THROW problem that's arisen. What could be going on here?

Absolutely LOVE crossing things off my list. Although I appear to have added several more. As usual.

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