Monday, September 12, 2011

Code abstraction and models in Rails

I felt like I had a minor break through tonight, thanks in part to my friend Brent. Abstracting code using partials is something that's made sense to me for a long time. Basically, you're just cleaning up the code of a view by creating another bit of code that's called using a render method.

However, last night as I was writing some partials, I noticed I was loading quite a bit of logic into my view and it felt wrong, somehow. I felt...dirty. I was on the right track when I assumed there was a way to collect this logic into a method, then just call that method in the view, rather than having all the logic piling up, making an untidy mess of my code.

But I didn't quite get how to define a method in a model. Sure, I've defined methods such as:

def foo

But usually I got this code by following a tutorial, or reading through a book and so forth. It was never my code, and I think that was the reason I didn't really understand it. Now that a situation has arisen that I needed to learn how to write logic into a model and then call it in the view, I understand it. Funny how that works, huh?

Also, I don't think I'm quite as done with Manticore as I thought last night. I'm obviously still learning from working on it, and that's what I'm after. I've got some big ideas that are frankly a bit intimidating (user account creation and log-in, differing account types and permissions for dungeon masters and players, to name just two) but what's the best way to get over being intimidated by coding? By getting excited about coding. It's brought me this far, anyway!

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