Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heroku and missing migrations

So my goal today was to dust off my Heroku account, throw up Chorenivore and Manticore, and then do a bit of coding. HOWEVER! Somehow a bunch of my migrations in my Manticore app were deleted, so getting rake commands to run on Heroku took a bit of finagling. And when I say finagling, I mean looking at my schema, rewriting the migrations and then applying them. Not a bad way to handle a migration that's gone MIA. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but it's been fixed. This development process hasn't been the smoothest thing I've ever done.

Do you ever have this happen? You're looking at an older side project, maybe feeling a few pangs of nostalgia? Like "Oh, Chorenivore, I was so in love with you back in May! Where did we go wrong?"

I'm guessing probably. Or are programmers like sharks and can't look back?

Anyway, here's a link to my Heroku deployment of Chorenivore, my to-do list application:


A bit rough, sure! But I don't hate it. I kind of want to go back and work on some things I wanted to implement, but maybe some time in the future.

And here's Manticore, my Dungeons and Dragons character database application:


I also ordered a copy of this book and can't wait for it to arrive:

I love the PragProg team and I think this will be another great resource for me.

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