Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Heroku Rails Deployment Issues

I've (partially) fixed my issues with deploying to Heroku. The solution was to specify rake version 0.8.7, as noted all over Stack Overflow for people who had the same error I was getting. I could have fixed this issue earlier, if I'd realized you deploy to Heroku from Git, not from your local machine. So I was updating my code, then trying to migrate the database on Heroku and I kept getting the same error because the code hadn't been changed on Git. Still, progress!

But I'm still having a problem. Take a look at the deployed version of my Depot application:

And here's a screenshot of how it looks on my machine:

Heroku is not displaying the product listing and I can't figure out why. The database information is stored in a seed file, so I thought a heroku rake db:seed command would populate the data and fix my issue, but no such luck. I've also noticed that the new action for my Product model throws an error on Heroku, but it works on my local version. Any ideas what's going on here?

Here's a link to my git repository for this application:

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  1. Check the log files on Heroku.

    My guess here is that the code is mostly functioning fine, but as you guess, there is no data in the database.