Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Using Rails console to add a user to a database

It became apparent to me last week that pretty soon I'd need to go back and finish working on Depot, the shopping cart application I was building by following along with Agile Web Development with Rails. I got off track a while back because I'd forgotten to create a user, then continued on with the guide until I got to a point that I needed to log in. Uh oh!

Unfortunately, what I didn't realize is that the very next page after I'd left off walked me through using Rails console to add a user. Still, it's not like I've been lax in the two months since I looked at this program, right?

So now I'm back on track. Right now I'm working on translation to different languages based on location. Interesting, though I don't know how practical this will be. My current plan is to finish up this book, mostly because I'm kind of sick of hopping around between projects. Then again, when is a project ever really done? Hopefully inspirato will strike between now and then and I'll either think of something new to do with Chorenivore, get back to work on Manticore, or create another app! I actually might go back and do more work with Ruby itself. I've been on that Rails tip for a while now.

Remember when I said I think more about what the code is doing when I follow a guide now? Completely true. While backtracking through Agile Web Development with Rails, trying to figure out where I'd left off, I found myself thinking about the code as I worked. Digging around in the deep, smelly guts of a Rails application isn't as intimidating as it once was. Sometimes I feel like I'm progressing really slowly, while other times I'm amazed at how far I've come in the nearly 5 months I've been working with Ruby on Rails.

Bruce Lee said "A man must constantly exceed his level." Does anyone else read that and immediately apply it to Rails?

Constantly leveling up.

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