Thursday, April 7, 2011

More on Dungeon Roller

Here's a little update on Dungeon Roller.

For a while I was stuck on how to manipulate models and put them where I want them to go. For example, I have a Characters model, which will contain separate characters. Each character will have other models associated with it, such as statistics, weapons, armor, skills, etc. But I think I've got this hammered out. It's just a matter of linking to the relevant models in the relevant places, right?

I've found a few differences between working with Rails and working with Ruby. I find time goes by a lot faster when I'm working with Rails. I'm not sure if this is because now I finally have a real project and it's more fun than learning more abstract things or if it's because I prefer working with Rails to working with Ruby.

I've had to scrap my work on Dungeon Roller twice now and start over (due to screwing up the code and not knowing how to fix it) but I have a good feeling about this third attempt! I'm really looking forward to putting some serious time in this weekend and getting a workable version hammered out.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is whenever Rails barfs on my code, I can just google the error and find a solution. Still, I really need to look into getting my mitts on a Beginning Rails book. I've got one reserved at the library, but some other nerds are sitting on the only three copies in Indianapolis. Give it up, nerds!

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