Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lightening the overload

The longer I work with Ruby on Rails, the more things become clear to me. The more I understand what various acronyms stand for, what they do and how they work. Here's an example, torn from the pages of REAL LIFE:

I work for an e-commerce website, mostly doing SEO work, photography and editing products for the store. The IT manager recently changed our shopping cart because customers were having problems with the Ajax based shopping cart. Before this weekend, I didn't have a clear understanding of what Ajax was. I assumed it was another coding language like Ruby, but it turns out it's just a tool used in web application design. It stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and Agile Web Development had me use it to create an indicator that the shopping cart has been updated in the application I'm working on.

So what have I learned this weekend? I got familiar with Ajax, what it can do and what it's used for (not to mention what it actually IS) and it's given me a better understanding of how everything, from development to design, works together. I first got interested in web design a few years ago, when I fell in love with CSS, and learning Ruby has been nice because I've had to learn how to implement CSS within a Rails application.

When I got started with Ruby a few months ago, I felt like there was a ton of information to process and somehow wrap my head around. That's still true, but the information overload gets lighter every day.

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